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Exciting News Everyone...

I'm aiming to launch food styling focused courses this Fall/Winter 2018! The courses, guides, and tips are tailored to help beginners all the way to intermediate food stylists and photographers expand their skills and develop their own personal style. Join me as I walk you through building your styling tool kits, props, linens, and show you how to use them in a thoughtful and successful way. Tailor the techniques you learn to your own aesthetic and expand your skills!

In the meantime, take advantage of my free food styling tool guide, available below, it's pretty awesome, it's free, and it's loaded with great information!

About Me...



I've been working as a professional photographer for over 11 years and have been concentrating on food styling and photography for over 6 years. My expertise and skills have been applied to cook books, catalogs, packaging, and digital content published worldwide. Always eager to build my own skills, I'll help you quickly pick up the essentials while you build your portfolio and develop your creative aesthetic.


FREE! Awesome Food Styling Tool Guide Below!

Take advantage of 7 illustrated pages filled with helpful tips, specific tools, where to find them, and what works best! Fill out the form and I'll send you the guide! :)

What My Courseware Will Cover...


Food Styling

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through sites like pinterest and instagram and your stomach starts growling? Our culture's obsession with food has been booming with the advent of smart phones and social media and as a result our meals and dining experiences have become the ultimate in aspirational expression. If you find yourself trying to create a static image that can influence and connect with its audience, you're in the right place.

In my courses, I'll take you through all the steps where you'll learn about props and tools, composition and problem solving, experiencing taste through sight, and finally planning and execution. With helpful printable guides and worksheets (like the one above), assignments, and real life demonstrations of the concepts and tips, this course has a lot to offer those who are just starting out and seasoned stylists alike. 


Food Photography

Sometimes you're the photographer, sometimes you're the stylist, and sometimes you're both! Maybe you're a food blogger looking to improve the look and feel of your images, or an experienced photographer seeking to enter the world of food photography. Either way, there's plenty to learn no matter how familiar you are with a camera.

In my courses I'll cover topics such as the basics of file formats, white balance, and lens recommendations, using depth of field creatively, creating texture and impact, shooting with soft light, shooting with hard light, working with natural light and artificial light.

I'll help you explore the concepts of composition for layout, leading the eye through your image, using distance to tell a story or emphasize flavor and so much more. 

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